Our Story

Refrigerated and frozen logistics infrastructure are costly to build, expensive to maintain and–with the challenge of ‘shrinkage’ – notoriously difficult to manage as part of a profitable business.

Yet, companies operating in Ghanahave long struggled with the absence of dependable,third-party, temperature-controlled transport and warehousing services. This challenge – and the opportunity to stimulate sectors of the economy, in agricultural, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals etc – inspired the birth of FreezeLink.

We realized that our experience in supply chain, cost control and engineering could address this problem for many businesses that deliver food, drink and medicine on a daily basis. In this way, we could contribute to ensuring food security, food diversity, and to broadening the availability of medicine in Africa. Our dream is to tear down the barriers – of cost, time and knowhow – to companies that need chilled and frozen logistics infrastructure.


FreezeLink is the only professional third-party logistics company (3PL) in Ghana that can dependable store and deliver your chilled and frozen products.