Here is what some of our customers say about our service.

“To be honest, we were initially nervous about working with a company to transport and store our products, which, after all are high value and perishable. But FreezeLink made it easy. The team was very professional and the service overall helped us to avoid incurring expensive capital expenditure. We only paid for infrastructure as and when we needed it. We simply couldn’t have scaled up our business, as profitably, without this partnership with FreezeLink”

Managing Director, a Regional Agricultural Commodities Company

“In Ghana, reliable ‘last mile’ delivery in urban centres is very difficult. Both the infrastructure and traffic can be treacherous. However, FreezeLink are consistently able to deliver our products to the right locations, at the right time and – critically – at the right temperatures. They have been a trustworthy partner to our success. They make us look good to our clients and this translates to new new business and more profits.”

Chairman, Grocery e-Commerce Company

“We searched across the whole industry in Ghana and simply did not find any other company that we could partner with on nationwide distribution, besides FreezeLink.”


“We urgently needed a credible company to distribute vaccines, at very short notice. Vaccine distribution has no margin for error. If the cold chain is broken, the precious vaccines can become worthless, potentially putting lives at risk. Within an hour of making our request, the FreezeLink team confirmed details of the nationwide distribution and saved us from a damaging gap in our supply chain. We are now exploring with them the distribution of Covid 19 testing kits.”


Our Partners

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