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Our technology gives unprecedented clarity and control across your cold chain, from our warehouse to your freezer. Reach your customers across West Africa with our team, who combine global expertise managing billion-dollar supply chains with deep local and regional knowledge. Working with us means you reduce the cost, time and distraction of buying your own infrastructure – this will enable you to afford accelerated growth.


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Our Vision

To be the best third-party cold-chain logistics company in Africa, thereby catalysing food security, food diversity and broadening the availability of medicine on the Continent.


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How we support you

In emerging markets for third-party logistics, the presence of unreliable service providers can be a barrier, not a bridge, to business success. At FreezeLink we use technology not only to eliminate mistakes and minimize our clients’ logistics costs but also to make our customers’ products visible to them, wherever these products are in our cold chain. Our technology-enabled service helps companies to scale up affordable, without removing the sense of control of their merchandise.

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Why FreezeLink?

Our team has experience working with leading companies around the world. These include the companies below:

Uniquely, we combine world-class expertise, not only with deep local knowledge but also with national coverage and links to regional markets – these features enable us to help our clients achieve their ambitions.


Also, at Freezelink, we understand that cold chain logistics is not just about buildings and vehicles. It is about the health of our communities – from the medicine, we take to the food we eat. We are therefore proud to be the leaders in Ghana in partnering with each of the global industry associations for cold chain transport and warehousing.

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Why You?

Whether you are a multi-national company that needs national distribution, alocal company looking for a partner to support your existing cold chain or are a fast-growing company looking to scale up cost-effectively, FreezeLink exists to serve you.